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ZiTYsite - a free website

As a business owner, you can get a free ZiTYsite on ZiTYZEN; this allows you to use a range of features which can be seen in the picture and are elaborated below.
Send SMS
At your ZiTYsite, customers sign up for your SMS service. This implies that you can always keep your customers updated on events and offers. This service is offered by ZiTYZEN for free, however, you have to buy the SMS′s.

Insert Picture
You can insert and change the top picture which is displayed on your ZiTYsite and seen in several places on ZiTYZEN.

Insert Tabs
You can add tabs to your ZiTYsite; you can even determine the title and their content. This could for example be a menu, or the history of your place.

Insert Opening Hours
You can add your opening hours, thus making them accessible to your customers.

Insert Description
You can tell about your place in the description, you can edit the current one or add one if none exists.

Insert Events
You get a free event calendar, implying that you can upload any events at your place to this calendar. The events will be displayed both on your ZiTYsite but also on the overall event calendar on ZiTYZEN.

Insert Link
On your ZiTYsite, you can link to your existing website if you have one. This will make it more accessible to current and potential customers.